torsdag den 5. juli 2012

What I´ve been up to lately

 I´ve made my nails festival ready with Essie´s Mint Candy Apple
 I´ve spected the bar in which I´ll spending a lot of time over the next couple of days. 
Both working and partying. 
It looks good don´t you think.
 I´ve bought a pair of Givenchy jelly sandals from Notabene 
(p.s. they´re on sale!)
 Got my Roskilde access bracelet on.
Given thumbs up to the Orange stage for the 14th time.

Jep, i dag smutter jeg på Roskilde. 
De seneste par dages manglende blogging har skyldtes travlhed på job og tekniske udfordringer. 

Yes, I´m off to the Roskilde festival. 
The last couple of days of lacking in blogging has been caused by a lot of work end technical difficulties. 
Sorry about that.

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