fredag den 28. september 2012

Dress envy

Soprano/Nurse Jackie skuespilleren Edie Falco i Stella McCartney til Emmy Awards 2012.
Hvor flot er hun lige ?! 

Soprano/Nurse Jackie actress Edie Falco in Stella McCartney at the Emmy Awards 2012.
How gorgeaous does she look?!

New in!

Wuuhuuu lønningsdag! 
Jeg har shoppet (endelig!) og der er dømt bordeaux og glimmer. 
2 styk nederdele; den bordeaux læder er fra H&M Trend og den leopardplettede er den populære Allez Allez. Begge dele er super lækre, lædernederdelen er blød som smør og leoparden har masser af behagelig stretch. Derudover var jeg inde i den nye butik Envii, som jeg allerede nu er meget begejstret for. Med hjem kom en strik i baseball bluse look, men sølvfarvede ærmer. Den er helt vild cool, fordi den er så casual og alligevel lidt bling. 
Lige som jeg kan lide det.
Jeg har nappet lidt flere ting, men dem må I se i morgen. 

Wuuuhuuu payday! 
I´ve done some shopping (finally) and I´ve gone all in on burgundy (or oxblood) and glitter. 
2 skirts: the burgundy leather skirt is from H&M Trend and the leopard printet skirt is from Danish brand Allez Allez. Both are super lovely, the leatherskirt is soft as butter and the leopard has a lot of comfortable stretch. I also bought a baseball t-shirt like knit from Danish brand Envii. It´s has silver sleeves and is quite cool in a slightly blingy way. I´m really excited about the brand by the way. 
I´ve bought a few other bits and pieces but you´ll have to wait and see.


 Knit: Benetton Jeans: By Malene Birger, Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Necklace: vintage

onsdag den 26. september 2012

Public service announcement

Bruuns Bazaar stock and sample sale

We would like to invite you to our stock and sample sale where you can update your wardrobe for less. Both cash and credit cards are accepted.
Opening hours:
Saturday 29/09 07.30-17.00
Sunday 30/09 10.00-16.00
Monday 01/10 16.00-20.00
Tuesday 02/10 16.00-20.00
Bruuns Bazaar
Naverland 22
2600 Glostrup
We look forward to seeing you!

tirsdag den 25. september 2012

Here´s Cheryl!

A teeny tiny Cheryl at Nimb yesterday.
(sorry iphone shot)

Lately I´ve been...

 ...enjoying two new books: Ken Follett´s ""Winter of the World" and...
 ...Lady Gaga & Terry Richardson´s coffee table book.
 ...making dark chocolate cookies 
(they´re really just the cookies like the ones in Oreo´s)
 ...going for a walk in Frederiksberg Garden. 
 ...wearing warm clothes!
Leather jacket: H&M Trend, Scarf: Lala Berlin, 
Jeans; Silence + Noise, Boots: Horze, Bag: Mulberry
 ...trying out different shades of burgundy with a touch of sprinkles.
 ...working at Voice 12. 
(a one day festival mainly for teens with loads of pop and dance music)
...done a sigining session with Puls. 
A Danish boy band. 
 ...and a sigining session with Lawson.
An English boyband.
 ...followed by a visit to Nimb.
 ...where I had a beautiful cup of coffee 
(which later on kept me up all night)
 ...before I met Cheryl (as in Cole). 
That´s her signing autographs.
...all while wearing warm socks.

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Public service anouncement!

søndag den 23. september 2012


 Knit: H&M Trend, Skirt: Zara, Shoes: Converse, Sunglasses: Tom Ford

Fra årets sidste sommerday...trist. 

From the last summerday of the sad.

torsdag den 20. september 2012


 Love the skirt! I´ve seen a similar at Zara.
 Burgundy, burgundy, more burgundy and a pop of pink. Love it!
 I. Want. That. Givenchy. T-shirt.
 Cool and casual.
 Pernille´s got it nailed. 
Kenzo sweat and Allez Allez leopard skirt.
 Mini Pashli, checked shirt and tweed skirt. 
Too cool.
 So simple and so chic.
 Great outfit for meetings.
 Love the electric blue Celine trio bag.
 Love the dusty green leather jacket. 
But boy, she´s skinny!
 Great colour on the jacket.
 Love the oversize knit.
 Ooorrhh another Givenchy must have. 
Poppy´s shoes!
Olivia does it again. 
Sweat shirt, tiered skirt and burgundy shoes.

WIWT! - the ihpone/mirror edition

Knit: Benetton, Jeans: By Malene Birger, Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bag: Mulberry

Me today! 

onsdag den 19. september 2012

Lately I´ve been...

 ...wearing burgundy and leopard. 
The leopard jeans from By Malene Birger have now been returned to the store because they expanded like 10 cm... Pretty crazy.
 ...wearing Stylenomics by Essie - a very dark green - and enjoying my new blinged out iphone cover. Yes, another one has been added to my collection. Prisce? $3 including shipping. 
 ...walking to work in the rain.
 ...trying out macarons from Meyer´s. Not something to write home about. 
No flavour.
 ...reading magazines! Got my little paws on Elle UK, Elle US, Vogue US, Fit Living, Eurowoman and Grazia UK.
 ...rejoicing over another ebay find. $2 dollar earrings. 
Including shipping. 
Double win!
...yelling at my laptop. 
Apparently it´s lost contact to the router and I now have to blog from a corner of our living room on the floor, because that´s were the internetcableswitchthingy is. 
And I still don´t know what´s wrong with the router.

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