tirsdag den 25. september 2012

Lately I´ve been...

 ...enjoying two new books: Ken Follett´s ""Winter of the World" and...
 ...Lady Gaga & Terry Richardson´s coffee table book.
 ...making dark chocolate cookies 
(they´re really just the cookies like the ones in Oreo´s)
 ...going for a walk in Frederiksberg Garden. 
 ...wearing warm clothes!
Leather jacket: H&M Trend, Scarf: Lala Berlin, 
Jeans; Silence + Noise, Boots: Horze, Bag: Mulberry
 ...trying out different shades of burgundy with a touch of sprinkles.
 ...working at Voice 12. 
(a one day festival mainly for teens with loads of pop and dance music)
...done a sigining session with Puls. 
A Danish boy band. 
 ...and a sigining session with Lawson.
An English boyband.
 ...followed by a visit to Nimb.
 ...where I had a beautiful cup of coffee 
(which later on kept me up all night)
 ...before I met Cheryl (as in Cole). 
That´s her signing autographs.
...all while wearing warm socks.

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