onsdag den 19. september 2012

Lately I´ve been...

 ...wearing burgundy and leopard. 
The leopard jeans from By Malene Birger have now been returned to the store because they expanded like 10 cm... Pretty crazy.
 ...wearing Stylenomics by Essie - a very dark green - and enjoying my new blinged out iphone cover. Yes, another one has been added to my collection. Prisce? $3 including shipping. 
 ...walking to work in the rain.
 ...trying out macarons from Meyer´s. Not something to write home about. 
No flavour.
 ...reading magazines! Got my little paws on Elle UK, Elle US, Vogue US, Fit Living, Eurowoman and Grazia UK.
 ...rejoicing over another ebay find. $2 dollar earrings. 
Including shipping. 
Double win!
...yelling at my laptop. 
Apparently it´s lost contact to the router and I now have to blog from a corner of our living room on the floor, because that´s were the internetcableswitchthingy is. 
And I still don´t know what´s wrong with the router.

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  1. What?! 10 cm? Det er helt vildt, hvis det er, kan man stadig få leo jeggings fra veromoda, og de beholder altså pasformen rigtig pænt :) bor nærmest i mine!