søndag den 16. september 2012

Lately I´ve been...

 ...taking advantage of going to Malmö (on the train, not by plane) with a quick stop at the airport to pay Starbucks a visit.
Vanilla soy latte, please.
 ...bringing back some Swedish treats. 
Chocolate pretzels = sooo good!
 ...taking a walk around the lakes of Copenhagen with a girlfriend.
 ...sick. Woke up on Friday, took a shower, got dressed, called work and gone back to bed.
I still have the pleasure of a now 3 day headache. Oh the joy.
 ...been very lucky that the postman dropped this off the same day. The brand new Eurowoman.
 ...receiving get well texts and this picture, telling me that the magaszines are waiting for me on my desk. I have the best colleagues.
 ...enjoying this stilleben of my polarbear, a single red rose, a blue Eiffel tower, acid green candles in Kubus candlestick holder and most important, a framed 12" vinyl of Frankie Goes To Hollywood´s "The Power of Love" given to me by the Boyf.
 ...looking at my new watch. A $1 bargin on ebay.
 ...doing some laundry. 
Bedsheets by Hay.
...eating a Sunday icecream from Paradis. 
(chocolate, coconut and mint/chocolatechip)
(yes, I like chocolate)

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  1. Elsker at du har sat farvede lys i din Kubus. Det skal jeg da også ha' afprøvet!