tirsdag den 2. oktober 2012


 Chambrey. Leopard. Loafers. = nice!
 By Malene Birger leopard dress + Celine bag = yes, I´m jealous.
 It´s a love/hate relationship with these Givencjy boots but in this case, I love them!
 Love the Kate Spade tee.
 Love the YSL (or should that SL now?!) Tribute shoes in clear blue. 
Oh and the Wang bucket bag.
 He he cool bag. I think it´s Kate Spade again.
 So cool. So French.
 The bomber and a pencil skirt = coolness. 
And is that a Proenza Schouler PS11 bag I spy?!
 Again. So cool. So French.
 Don´t know if it´s the buzz but I love the Givenchy rottweiler t-shirt.
 Another great look from Andy/Stylescrapbook.
Lulu Henckel from YouHeShe has the coolest style.
Marant fringe boots, plaid McCartney Falabella, Blake leather shorts and I think it´s an IRO jacket.

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