lørdag den 21. april 2012

Today...codeword: PINK!

 Rocking the combination of pink and green.

 Saw some cute graffiti. In pink.

 Took a walk up Istedgade.
 Bought flowers (not pink) and a huge rosemary.
 Looked a pretty, green leaves.
 Bought cinnemon rolls at Lagkagehuset.
 Feel in love with this little girl. 
I want one. Now. Please.
 Went for all the pink items available at Netto.

 Dressed our bedroom in shades of pink.
Hay bedsheets. 

Jeg er blevet besat af pink og lyserød i alle de nuancer de findes. 
Tror det er Johnny Margrethes skyld. 
Utroligt nok, finder Hoffotografen sig i det, han er vist ret så meget en keeper. ;0) 

I´m obsessed with shades of pink at the moment. I think it´s Johnny Margrethe´s fault (that´s my new bag).
And luckily enough the Boyf is okey with it all, I´m quite sure he´s a keeper. ;0) 

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